“You are today where your thoughts have brought you, and you will be tomorrow where your thoughts will take you.” —James Allen

“I’m so grateful you woke me up, inspired me to take that first step…”

“What she brings to the table that is unique, though, is her personal experience and the very down-to-earth way that she relates to people.

Bob Proctor

Didi King

As a Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant, Didi King helps Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher bring their vision to more people.

It is a choice to live the way you live, and until you fully grasp this concept and get in harmony with it, you will never achieve all that you desire.

With the right tools and accountability you can have anything you desire. Didi helps you and your team understand the science of achieving harmony and abundance.

Personal growth is a continuous journey. The more you study YOU and Universal Law, the better YOU you become. Quantum leaps in understanding come from working with a coach or mentor. You cannot change what you don’t understand. Understanding comes from study.

“One of the things I admire most about Didi is her quiet confidence.”

Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor’s name is synonymous with SUCCESS. He is known by millions as America’s Greatest Prosperity Teacher.

How did that happen for him? He studied the forefathers of personal development, a movement that goes back to 1908. Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, just to name a few.

Through Bob’s personal journey of “rags-to-riches” he discovered that most people never realize their full potential because they were never taught the proper way to think.

Bob became aware that when we work in harmony with Universal Laws, we move beyond perceived limitations. We CAN think our way into any result we desire.

Bob’s tagline is: “Tell me what you want and I can show you how to get it.” 

Success doesn’t happen by luck. It happens by LAW.

“Change is inevitable, personal growth is a choice.”
— Bob Proctor

Sandy Gallagher

Brilliant corporate attorney, Sandy Gallagher, while attending one of Bob’s seminars, realized the genius of what Bob was teaching.

She made it her mission to become Bob’s partner and bring his ideas into a systematic, transformational process for leadership and peak performance.

Didi King

Mastermind Facilitator

“Didi is deeply knowledgeable and she leads by example.”

Sandy Gallagher

Take the first step and astonish yourself with what you're capable of!


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Check out my guest appearance on the wonderful Mandy Marksteiner’s Podcast – Monster Mice.

We talked about Confidence

  • How we develop Confidence
  • How we sustain Confidence
  • How to minimize things that eat away at our Confidence

For more of Mandy’s Podcasts click HERE.

Business Transformation

Every business has one thing in common…employees. Your people are the biggest asset you have.

You cannot provide goods or services without people to deliver them.

For continuous growth, your employees must grow. It’s imperative to regularly invest in your team, helping them become more effective and productive, allowing them to become the best at what they do.

When their at their best, your business thrives.

Life Transformation

Didi will show you how to take control of every aspect of your life! Whether your goal is improving your income, starting a new business, improving your health and fitness, or discovering your purpose. A life with purpose is a life that is harmonious and happy. This program gives you the tools to make permanent changes at the deepest level.

Keynote Speaking

Allow Didi to engage your audience with new perspectives on shifting the way they think and interact with others. This will help to change attitudes and encourage quantum leaps that will benefit your group as a whole!

Upcoming Events

Join Didi King at our next event! If you want to improve your results, attract more wealth and abundance, and make a major change in your life, these events will help you.

Upcoming Events

NSENG Meetings

Topic: “How Attitude Affects Your Job Search Success”

Monday, October 15 at the Glenview Library

1930 Glenview Rd
Glenview, IL

Tuesday, October 16 at the McDonald’s Hamburger University

2715 Jorie Blvd
Oak Brook, IL

Join me for my FREE 30-Day Challenge: Mastering the Basics of Personal Development

Are you ready to Challenge yourself to more positive thinking?

Together, over the next 30 days, we will develop new habits of

  • Self-discipline
  • Daily study
  • Gratitude and positive thinking

You’ll be learning AND taking action.

ACTION is necessary in creating new SUCCESS HABITS.

It doesn’t matter what your life has been up to this point.

You can change everything starting right now!

You’ll get a great foundation started as you gently begin exercising your mental muscles and shifting your mindset to a more positive focus.

September’s Challenge was a BIG success!
October Challenge is going strong!

Here’s what some of my previous participants have said:

“Thank you SO much for doing this. It’s been amazing!!”


“Thank you Didi for the challenge. Your time devoted into all of us is a true meaning of caring. You made an awaking in my life!”

I’d love to have you join me November 1st!

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