5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Great Personal Coach or Mentor

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Personal growth is an industry that generates over $10 billion in annual sales, according to experts. You can purchase books, CD’s, and programs; attend seminars and workshops; or hire a personal coach.

All of these methods have the potential to change your life, if you study and apply what you learn.

If you are a motivated, self-starter you may be able to get by with a book or two, or perhaps a weekend seminar. If not, you may want to consider hiring a coach or mentor.

Coaches can have many titles: Personal Growth Coach, Life Success Coach, Personal Development Coach…and the list goes on. Regardless of the title there are a few things you may want to consider when choosing a coach for yourself.

I have a list of 5 things I look for in a coach:

  • Genuine passion for coaching
  • Positive attitude
  • Invested in your success
  • Have an organized system in place
  • They continually study and work on their own personal growth

Let’s look at each of these qualities.

Genuine Passion for Coaching

Coaching should be a passion for your potential coach. They should love helping people find success. Their first objective should be service to their clients.

If coaching is just a J.O.B., a means of earning a paycheck, then you may want to consider passing them by.

Do some research, what do their students/clients say about them as a coach?

Ask them for references. You can check out their website. They should have some testimonials posted there as well.

Use your intuition. How do you feel when you talk to them.

Are they connecting with you heart to heart?

Do you feel their passion?

Intuition is a powerful tool.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is key to success.

Have a conversation with your prospective coach. Do they speak positively about others or do they share their client “horror stories” with you?

Personal growth depends on your attitude and the attitude of the people you spend time with. You want your vibration to be high as much as possible to have optimal personal growth. You certainly don’t want to spend time with a coach or mentor who is going to leave you feeling emotionally drained.

I have a mentor I absolutely love. She is always positive. I have never heard her utter a single negative thing about anyone. I always feel happy and uplifted when I hear her speak or read her books. Guess what? She is extremely successful, as are her clients.

Invested in Your Success

A coach who is invested in your success will take time to listen to you. They understand where you’re starting from…what are your hopes and fears? What has held you back in the past?

Your coach should provide you with guidance and honest, encouraging feedback. They should hold you accountable without doing it for you.

A good coach is much like a good parent. You have to know when to “do” and when to “show”.

A great mentor teaches their student to draw from within themselves the solutions that are already there. When the student learns how to draw from within they have the confidence to use this strength to solve problems that arise after they have left the nest.

A great coach is going to check in on your progress. They want you to succeed because it’s their passion to help you. They find joy in the success of others.

Organized Systems in Place

You’ll want to know upfront what kind of system your coach has in place. They should be organized or have an assistant that helps keeps them organized.

You’ll want to know what type of communication you’ll have with them and how often. You’ll want to know that they’re reliable and available when you have questions.

I had a terrible experience with a coach who promised one coaching call each week. I would schedule them through his scheduling software, but 90% of the time he either didn’t show up or cancelled our calls. There was always a good “excuse” but it was very frustrating. I didn’t feel that he was invested in my success.

Now the positive in this is that it taught me that I wanted to be a reliable coach for my clients. If I say I’ll be there for a coaching call, I will be there.

Continuous Study and Personal Growth

The best coaches will tell you that you’re never done learning. You’re either moving forward or backward. If you stop learning, you’ve stopped making forward progress.

Ask your coach if they have a mentor or coach of their own; they should.

Find out what kind of study they do and how they continue their own personal growth. What kind of ongoing training are they doing? What are they reading? Whose seminars are they attending?

They should also be a “Product of the Product”. If they’re using a program in their coaching, they should have gone through the program themselves and achieved the kind of success they’re promising you.

There are plenty of other factors you could consider in finding a great coach for yourself. The five I’ve shared with you are the five things that are most important to me because of the experiences I’ve had with coaches and mentors.

Just remember these wise words from Jim Rohn, author and speaker:

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future;
it is something you design for the present.”

The right coach can show you the path to your own happiness and success.

Take some time and find the right fit for you.


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