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Coaching Philosophy

“Nothing great is ever accomplished alone.”

By far, getting started is the hardest part of accomplishing anything. Until we make the decision to start, a dream is just a wish. Sometimes it takes the guidance of a coach or mentor to push you into action and take that first step to achieving your goal.

I have always been a very curious person, even from a very young age. I needed to know how things worked and why people do what they do. You could call me a quiet observer. Reading and studying the human mind was (and still is) my passion.

I have spent many years studying the Law of Attraction. Observing how our thoughts affect, not only our lives, but the lives of those around us. I think this is what inspired me to study music in college. Music can transform a person’s mood and feelings by changing the mode, instrumentation, or tempo.

By the same token we can change a thought or feeling from negative to positive and instantly change our attitude and outlook for that day. By continuously controlling what and how we think and feel, we can manifest our greatest desires.

I know that everyone has the ability to do more, be more, and have more than they do right now.

Your outside world is a reflection of what’s going on inside of you. Most people have this backwards. They see their circumstances and believe they’re the cause of their results.

This is part of the global paradigm…the belief that circumstances cause results.

The highest achievers, the top 1%, understand that they are responsible for their results. Their thoughts, feelings, and actions dictate their income, success, and lifestyle.

It is a choice to live the way you live, and until you fully grasp this concept and get in harmony with it, you will never achieve all that you desire.

Personal growth is a continuous journey. The more you study YOU and Universal Law, the better YOU you become. Quantum leaps in understanding come from working with a coach or mentor. You can not change what you don’t understand. Understanding comes from study.

Thinking Into Results systematically, through repetition, accountability, and support, helps people to do this. I will mentor you, hold you accountable, and encourage you every step of the way.

Bob Proctor is the master at human growth and potential, and his program, Thinking Into Results is the most powerful, transformational program there is. It has brought astounding results to thousands of people and corporations around the world.

Ask yourself this question: What do I really want?

Whatever it is, I can help you get there.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at any time. I’m happy to visit. I really LOVE this program, and it is my passion to help people, groups, and companies reach their true potential.

Didi King

About Didi

Didi King is a Certified Thinking Into Results Consultant who works with her clients to create the lifestyle and business they want.

Didi enjoys interacting with individuals, groups and companies to help them discover their deepest goals and desires. She is a perpetual student of human growth and potential. Didi is thrilled to be able to share her passion and guide people to live happier, healthier, more abundant lives.

Didi has been an entrepreneur in publishing, both music and print, for over 20 years. She is a recognized music engraving expert and has won a great number of MPA Paul Revere Awards for Graphic Excellence. She has worked as both a fitness coach and instructor helping people realize the importance of mindset in achieving their fitness goals.

The power of thought and the Law of Attraction are undeniable forces in reaching your highest potential. Didi is passionate about teaching people how to move past the paradigms that are holding them back.


“I’m so grateful you woke me up, inspired me to take that first step…”

Life has been an amazing journey learning to take control of myself rather than letting the outside world control me. I truly look forward to the future. My life keeps getting better and better every day. I am so grateful you woke me up, inspired me to take that first step to join the program on my own terms.

I am on the last lesson on the “Thinking Into Results” program and I have made a lot of changes for better in my life and career. The program is mind blowing how fast I noticed shifts happening.

I feel if I had waited to join this awesome program I would still be where I was, stuck in my life. I love every moment of this program (Thinking Into Results). The power of the mind is truly amazing! – Bill Atkinson – Bill’s Earth Services

“Didi is deeply knowledgeable and she leads by example.”

I am so grateful to my coach, Didi King, for introducing me to the Thinking Into Results program by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. To say I wish I had known about the insights in this transformational program earlier in my life, is an understatement!  Didi’s coaching style is down to earth and she is so relatable. I learn so much in our small group coaching sessions, it feels like a family and I always walk away with new tools and resources that often amaze me because they are simple to put into practice.  Didi is deeply knowledgeable and she leads by example. She does the work right along with us, encouraging us and guiding us in shifting our thinking to achieve the results we want. Through Didi’s coaching, I have replaced habits that I wouldn’t have dreamed I could ever replace. I know the sky’s the limit and I am so incredibly thankful to Didi! – Rosemary Froehlich

“One of Didi’s unique strengths is using her own experiences to help others.”

I see one of Didi’s unique strengths is using her own experiences to help others.  She is very good at recognizing other people’s struggles.  Didi has a special way of helping others realize that we all have struggles….but there is a way out.  She can make others recognize that the answer is usually something they already know, they just have to make the mental decision to commit to it.  The way she relates to people and brings this conversation out….it almost makes them think it was their idea.  This is one of her best strengths as a fitness coach.  She is always so supportive, because she knows what it’s like to have the inner struggle….and make the commitment.  Didi also helps people remember to not look back, only forward. – Stephanie East, Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping

“Didi inspires people by what she does, not just what she says.”

Didi has a determination about her that is inspiring! She works hard and doesn’t give up. Didi inspires people by what she does, not just what she says. Didi is incredibly responsible and on top of what seems like every aspect of her life. – Amy Stevens, Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping

“What she brings to the table that is unique, though, is her personal experience and the very down-to-earth way that she relates to people. “

Someone becomes a serious asset to any organization when their personal skillset includes what I consider to be the five star points of leadership:  intelligence, dedication, common sense (pragmatism/logic), vision, and interpersonal skills.  These kinds of people make the world go around, and Didi is most certainly one of these people. 
    What she brings to the table that is unique, though, is her personal experience and the very down-to-earth way that she relates to people.  She is understanding, helpful, and kind, and these qualities make people comfortable with her, which empowers them to be at their best. 
    – Nick Lane, Oregon High School Band Director

“. . . very insightful.”

Didi is very insightful. She can sense others’ feelings and truly cares about their welfare. She has a great sense of humor and is not afraid to try new things. – Sandra Walowit

“…from just over one million to just under 17 million…”

It was very overwhelming to learn that your thoughts have been holding you back from the corporate growth you’ve been trying to experience. Bob helped us change the mindset to make a smooth transition from one plateau to the next. One equation was able to take us from just over one million to just under 17 million in a matter of three years. — Christopher Guerriero, CEO and Founder of the national Metabolic & Longevity Research Center, CEO and Founder of Wisdom Book Publishing LLC

“…accomplished goals that I wouldn’t have dreamed possible…”

I highly recommend the Thinking into Results program created by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher to anyone interested in growing personally or growing their business. Using the principles of this program I have accomplished goals in 2009 that I wouldn’t have dreamed possible prior to the completion of this program. Sign up for this program and be prepared for a life altering experience! — Dan Vick, Broker/Owner, RE/MAX of Kansas City

“One of the things I admire most about Didi is her quiet confidence.”

One of the things I admire most about Didi is her quiet confidence. She has a strong sense of who she is, what matters to her, and what she believes in but she doesn’t alienate people by being pushy or outspoken. For me, these are some of the qualities of a good leader. I think people are naturally drawn to Didi as a leader because she exhibits a command for respect while being approachable.
Katie Farness

“Didi is able to empathize with others…”

Didi is able to empathize with others and feel for them. She is a good listener and encourages others to be all they can be. She treats others as equals and with respect. She sets her mind to what she really wants, and works hard for it. She expresses creativity in every facet of life. – Jeffrey King

“…openness and understanding…”

Didi’s own personal struggles have given her a depth of openness and understanding which drives her ability to be compassionate. – Colleen Lourigan

“…my team went from ranking 163rd company-wide in commissions to #11 within the first year…”

Thanks to Bob, my team went from ranking 163rd company-wide in commissions to #11 within the first year, and to #1 by the fifth year. This program is great because you can have Bob Proctor in your office every week-any time you want to just turn it on. —Paul Hutsey, Former VP of Sales, Prudential Life