The Mathematical Equation for Success

The formula for success has long been sought after by many an ambitious person. There have been thousands of books written on the subject. If you go to and type in “books on success” in their search engine it will give you 89,862 results.

Each author claims that their idea is “the one” to bring you success and fortune beyond your wildest dreams.

The truth is that success can be achieved by a simple mathematical equation. Does that sound to good to be true? It’s not. Success is a simple formula based on your individual daily actions.

Every day is either a success or failure in relation to the actions you perform that day. Every action is either effective in moving you toward your goal (success) or inefficient and prevents movement toward your goal (failure).

Each day you must do all that can be done that day in relation to your goal.

That being said, don’t mistake the quality of your actions for the quantity. Spend as much time as is needed on a particular action to make it a successful action. Be as efficient as possible with each action. If there is a better way of doing something, then do it.

Don’t overfill your schedule so that you rush through as many actions as possible. You can’t do a week’s worth of actions in a single day. That isn’t an efficient use of your time. It isn’t the number of things you do each day, but the efficiency of each separate action that makes the difference.

If your day is filled with three or four actions related to your goal that you perform efficiently your day is a far greater success than if you complete a dozen actions that are done half heartedly just so you can get through them.

The point is to choose the actions that you know need to be done to move you forward. Only put on your schedule what you know you can accomplish for that day. Perform each action to the best of your ability. Don’t procrastinate when you know there is something that has to be done today. You have no idea how the failure of even the most trivial action will affect your future.

Once you have made the decision to work toward a particular goal, the forces of the universe begin working for you to bring all that is needed to achieve that goal. However, each day that you fail to do what is needed to be done delays the arrival of the people, places and things that are coming together to help you succeed. You may miss an open door of opportunity if you are failing in your daily actions.

You control how you perform each action which means that you control your own success or failure.

I promised you a simple equation for success. Here it is:

(Successful day) x (every day) = Success

(Failed day) x (every day) = Failure

It really is that simple. Do all that you can do each day and make each action effective in moving you toward you goal and you must achieve it.

Here’s to your success.


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