You Don’t Deserve to Win!

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“If you’re not willing to do whatever it takes to change your situation, then you don’t deserve to win!”

These words were spoken to me by my mentor, Bob Proctor.

They may seem harsh, and at the time they were spoken I was really angry.

How dare he tell me I didn’t deserve to win! I was changing things! I was doing what it takes to make my life better!

Or so I thought.

This was the wake up call I needed. As harsh as those words seem, Bob was right. If I wanted to sit around and complain that, I did this, or I did that, but, oh poor me, nothing was happening, then I wasn’t doing enough.

He gave me a GIFT by being blunt.

I was still resisting the abundance that was mine. The world doesn’t have to change for me, I have to change myself.

If I really wanted to make a change in my life, I needed to go deeper than before. I needed to ignite change at the level where my results are created in the first place. I needed to change my mind!

Doing it by myself wasn’t enough. I needed guidance.

So I began working with a coach and working through a process that systematically guided me to shift my thinking and see what was possible.

The program is called “Thinking Into Results”. And just as the name states, as I shifted my thinking I began to see new results, almost immediately!

This was not some self-study program where I read a book and hope things will change.

This was roll up your sleeves, hands on, thought provoking learning and application.

Every day I studied. I watched videos of the master, Bob Proctor, teaching each lesson. I had reading assignments that expanded on what Bob was teaching. I had writing assignments that forced me to think about how this lesson applied to my situation. Every week I spent 60 minutes with my coach. And I took action!

I took MASSIVE ACTION and my results began to change. I began to change.

The process was simple, but it wasn’t easy. There were a lot of emotional ups and downs because I was shifting my belief system. I had to ask myself hard questions. There were obstacles in my path, mostly within myself. But my coach kept me accountable with the daily study and our weekly calls.

He helped me see that I had what I needed to succeed. I just had to keep going and keep working on ME.

I went from seeing what was wrong with me, to seeing all that I loved about myself. I was seeing my strengths and building upon them. I was making changes in how I behaved in my professional life. I was seeing all of the POSITIVE OPPORTUNITIES lining up for me to move forward and grow.

Once I gained the AWARENESS of what IS POSSIBLE, there was no way I could go back to my LIMITED THINKING.

I was making PERMANENT CHANGES that were creating a new ABUNDANCE for myself.

I LOVE this program, “Thinking Into Results”, so much, I became a coach and now I work with my clients to make those big changes for themselves. And I LOVE watching them GROW and ACHIEVE the SUCCESS they want.

Ask yourself “DO I DESERVE TO WIN? Am I doing all I can do to make the PERMANENT CHANGES I need to ACHIEVE THE SUCCESS I WANT?”

All you have to do is look at your results. If they’re not what you want, then something has to change. Your MARVELOUS MIND.

I can help you, just like my coach helped me. Just like Bob Proctor’s mentor helped him when he was 26, miserable and broke.

If you seriously want to WIN then LET’S TALK.

Email me at

I KNOW you can BE, DO, or HAVE anything you want. And I will keep you ACCOUNTABLE to GET IT DONE!


To your Success and Abundance!


More about Didi King at

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Here’s what one of my wonderful clients has to say:

Didi King, life has been an amazing journey learning to take control of myself rather than letting the outside world control me. I truly look forward to the future. My life keeps getting better and better every day. I am so grateful you woke me up, inspired me to take that first step to join the program on my own terms.

I am on the last lesson on the “Thinking Into Results” program and I have made a lot of changes for better in my life and career. The program is mind blowing how fast I noticed shifts happening.

—Bill Atkinson

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